A large gathering of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. or a large population of WASPS in one place.

Vermont. Most of the Prep schools that don't have a shit load of Asians. the Republican national convention. Most sub-urbs. Yacht clubs. Country clubs. Salt lake city. Klan rally.
mom: the brochure said that it "supported Diversity" were there a lot of other black folk there?
Son: no mom it was a Wasp Nest. If I was selling Sunblock and wine coolers I would have cleaned up.
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The large pile of shit left at the bottom of the toilet bowl the day after you were out drinking all night.
"Yo! Dion, you gotta check out the wasp nest I left in the shitter, bro!"
by mister delicious February 15, 2007
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(n) A very bitchy PMSing woman's vagina.
"That bitch just wont let me get a look at the Wasp Nest"
by slyver September 16, 2009
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the act of sniffing out a womans cake hole when she hasn't wiped properly, and you have a puss weeping spot on your nose.
look at ma swollen beek!! eatin' that burds ass was like nuzzling a wasps nest
by gordon stewart March 26, 2004
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