West Side Une.

The west side of Union City, CA. Commonly referred to as "The West".
Ig'nant: "What does W$U stand for?"

My nigga: "Dumbass westside Une, cuz!"
by iSparkDala August 13, 2009
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With You,

I Would Never Break Up w/u
Why Did Yu Break Up w/me?
by Karate_Kraze September 13, 2008
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(W)here yo(U) (B)e - for cell phone and instant messenger.
"W U B" is abbreviated text for "Where you be?"
by Sideways7 December 29, 2010
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slang for: What you up to?
"hi w u u 2 today?" asked jimmy to fred
by Matthew Trotman July 5, 2006
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To protect yourself from no u times 2
Friend: ur mum gey lol
You: no u
Friend: no u times 2
Everyone else: OHHHH GET REKT
You: no w/no double u
Friend: *mum gey*
by Dekpakito June 1, 2019
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this is said when some one ends the relationship but you say this to ask if they S. still W. want T. to H. hook U. up
garnet" hey lets just be friends i don't think this is working out "
brittney" I understand but do you S W T H U ???"
garnet" thats alright i don't think that is the right thing to do"
by #bridgyyandgarry June 1, 2017
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