Noun - trans from Greek or something - literally meaning 'vagina of death'.
Used to describe a neurotic, narcissistic female who utilses her genatalia and sexual guile to entrap males and then inflict psychological torture on them.
Also known as "She who cannot be named'.
"Shit dude, I thought she was hot and she was awesome in bed and then next thing I know I'm being bossed around by a total mentalist Vulvamort who can't remove herself from a fricking mirror."
by Jimmy Novak February 24, 2010
Noun: Formerly "FEMALE"

Descriptor for humans with XX chromosomes and ovarian reproductive systems.
Introduced into common parlance in 2017, when referencing biological sex in place of 'gender identity' was ratified in law as an oppressive thought crime/hate crime.
Adopted by uterus-havers, vagina-owners, menstruators, gestators and ovulators, as a singular collective noun to describe their bodily state without suffering linguistic exhaustion.

Those who fear the consequences of speaking this socially unacceptable word instead reference She Who Must Not Be Named.

Acronym: SWMNBN
"Evidence that the perpetuation of the human species relies on VULVAMORTS gestating young is hugely overstating their importance"

"Both women and men are equally capable of being elected President. Not VULVAMORTS, obviously"

"Our payroll department inadvertently paid the VULVAMORTS the same as the real people this month, but I've rectified the error. Please don't sack me"
by TWMNBN March 14, 2017