Someone who is an obvious simpleton or moron. Derived from blaming everything on the President.
You: Hey! That lady just cut me off and nearly took out that woman and her kid!
Me: She must have voted for Obama

You: Where is our waiter? It's been 20 minutes and he hasn't even gotten our drink order yet.
Me: He must have voted for Obama.
by djshawman August 18, 2010
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The right (also the left) thing to do in 2008 and 2012. However, those who voted for McCain and Romney took part in the democratic process and they are also patriots.
"We need to improve the United States, we need to fix the healthcare system and help people instead of helping the rich elites. This is why I voted for Obama. Voting for Obama is the patriotic thing to do."
by George's_Bush March 30, 2021
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The thing every white person says when trying to not be racist, but doesn't realize it just makes them seem more like one.
Black Guy: "You racist man"

White Guy: "I am not! I voted for Obama."
by f3gf August 18, 2011
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"I voted Obama" is generally used after saying racist shit to counter any attempting of being called racist.
Other popular terms used are "My friends are black" and "it's dark humor"
Person 1 :(saying racist shit)
Person 2 :Bro stop being racist, this ain't cod
Person 1 :I voted obama
by Maidinheaven March 11, 2023
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