Vope is V and Jhopes new Ship name (they said so)
Me "i ship Vope" Friend "what's that?" Me "Taehyung and Hoseoks new ship name"
by PlayerUnknown1738 October 20, 2018
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(v.)The ultimate NSA experience. To vope is to walk into a public bathroom, location is unimportant, and proceed to have random promiscuous sex with the first person that locks your eye contact. There are 3 primary rules in order for it to be considered a true vope.

1. No names
2. No conversation before, during, or after the vope.... ever
3. Always use a fake voice for orgasm noises

(n.) The name given to the person who you had a vope with.
1. God that vope in the greyhound station bathroom was amazing. I just walked in, we screwed, and then I left.

2. God that girl was such a good vope
by Voper December 8, 2010
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"vope is the superior bts friendship," announced the intellectual.
by caribbeanjerkbbq October 21, 2018
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When your Vaping but you also need to mop but your wayyy to into it to stop vaping so your going to vop
:Dude start moping

:but I’m Vaping I’m not stopping

:so start voping
by Karl Jacob December 12, 2017
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When you vape and u mop at the same time. Let’s say ur Vaping and ur floor is dirty u don’t want to stop vaping so ur voping
:duddddddeee mop the fucking floor.
:I’m Vaping man

:so just vop,take the fucking mop and start voping!😒
by Karl Jacob December 11, 2017
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