Forumspamming heavy metal fan with a trendy hairstyle.
Let's paint voodoo's hair pink.
by Grayfox April 06, 2003
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1. The shorthand for the "Voodoo Chat" chat system on the internet consisting of avatars, gestures and other tools. The majority of Voodoo is BDSM, but it also includes people interested in Anime, Video Games and many other random topics.
"I got on Voodoo, found nothing but gorean sex, so I went to the anime chat and listened to them talk about libertarians and racism."
by Shane M. January 22, 2006
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When someone has gone completely crazy. As in their mind has taken a complete walk off the map. Possibly in a demonic or sadistic manner.
Jack's gone voodoo. The other day he shot Dino coz he wanted to see what his brains looked like splattered on the wall.
by Swampfocsh March 21, 2007
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a cool and slightly creepy way to get revenge. IT is also a religin, voodun to be presise. voodoo is done all over the world for many difrent reasons, monny, love, hate, luck, and revange.in my opinion it is a fabulus way to gain respect...hehehe >:)
"To get get revenge on that back stabing ass munch i'll make a voodoo doll. that'll show him... HAHAHAHA!"
by evil girl August 08, 2007
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A homosexual recruiter for the Lead With Valor clan in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He often can be found in MOHAA servers recruiting little boys.
"Hey guys! Voodoo recruited me!" - Moneyman
by Happy Leaf May 10, 2005
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That godsmack song that starts with sully saying im the not one whose so far away blah blah blah and then in the video crazy bald frog men run through the forest while sully and his band are in the middle of nowhere.(i know some guy already put this)
Loser: PLAY SO FAR AWAY!!!!!
Cool person: its voodoo smart one and this is the millionth time
by GANJAMAN October 28, 2004
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Voodoo is substitute word of weird. Voodoo means when you are acting crazy or like a goon.
Aaron was acting "voodoo" last night when talking to girls.
by Burberry.AP October 27, 2020
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