y’all mean ass fuckers didn’t aPpRoVe one of my definitions, so now i’m salty
person: *reads one of my definitions*
person: *clicks the no button*
urban dictionary: some of our volunteer editors decided not to publish it

dOn’T tAkE iT pErSoNaLlY
by _uglyrat14_ September 12, 2019
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The annoying plebs probably stuck at home with coronavirus on Urban Dictionary that WILL NOT ACCEPT MY SUBMISSIONS.
Volunteer Editors: Oh look, a perfectly good urban dictionary submission that is 10x better than half of the words on this website.
Volunteer Editors: *click no*
by nnnnnnnn8 April 07, 2020
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Volunteer Editors are the people who will reject all your Urban Dictionary words for no reason. It enrages people especially when they put a lot of work into there word. They do not understand that some words are not easy to make definitions for but they allow dumb posts that have no proper grammar or have any meaning.
Human 1: Bro my word got rejected again
Human 2: Man those Volunteer Editors are being real assholes today
by SkiRacerKG July 16, 2020
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The Virgins rejecting my shit cuz they gay
Are you a Volunteer editor?
Ha faggot? (Gets jumped)
by Undeez lover November 17, 2018
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