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With his identity being marked as classified, one can only say that the term, Voltorayne, a self created code name relating to numerous aspects of his own values, is tolerant of nonsense relating to criticism caused by jealousy and lack of knowledge or interest. He is a certified member of the delta elite recon forces and the founder/commander of the fore-operational control team (codenamed "973X-GWR-C.H.C.).
However, in cases of critical lack of time, he is nicked as "Volt", and often he will sign as Voltora. his name consist of the part "volt" becuase of his massive use and origin of elements containing electricity higher than 50,000 watts. He is respectful of the knowledge that we are only humans and that we are not perfect, but he can also get in a feud with absent minded inconsiderate and non-active peoples who insist in a nonverbal manner that he is wrong for his judgments, beliefs, and/or ways. He, for one, pities the fact of envy and crime. He lives in the fear of God and bases most deeds and actions on the way God would.

His German, French-Italian, Scottish, and European culture is portrayed by his light-guardian attire. He can answer questions one could have based on the aspects on abortion, suicide, bullying, criticism, and religion. He has answers. So does the bible. Go and learn by asking him at “”, or by praying to God, the only creator of earth and our only king in existence. he also supports the ideas of the non-mental rlsh.
swat team delta force mercenary rlsh Voltorayne
by chinati delta cruz November 14, 2010
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