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Yet another term describing a lady's private parts, in this case alluding to the subtle, pleasing curve of her pubic mound and how its so agreeably matches the contour of one's hand or that of the luggage compartment cover of an air-cooled Volkwagen Beetle.

North Americans may choose to use "hood" instead of "bonnet" but since "hood" essentially means "foreskin" the elegance of the euphemism is lost. Better stick to "bonnet".

The sobriquet is all the more more powerful if the lady has cared to shave.
Hey Sandra, why don't you come round after work so I can have a look at your Volkswagen Bonnet.

So Brian, how's it going?
Pretty good. I was polishing some Volkwagen Bonnet this weekend.

Mr.Darcy. Please do repair with me to the drawing room whereupon I shall offer you some of pa-pa's fine port and a sly feel of my Volkswagen Bonnet.
by goody5 December 08, 2010
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