A character of the Soul Calibur series that has existed in all of the Soul Calibur games created so far. He wields a pair of Indian weapons known as katars that act as extensions of his hands. He lives as an eternal guardian in an underground sanctum known as the money pit, which houses the treasure of his deceased master who he vowed allegiance to, the merchant of death; Vercci. after living in the dark completely isolated from the world, Voldo became blind and eventually forgot his own name and language. after a while he begins to hear the voice of his master Vercci who told him to seek out the sword soul edge.....

Voldo is considered by soul calibur fanatics to be an upper-mid tier character. This means that he can be extremely powerful if used correctly.

Voldo doesn't really falter in any particular area of combat. He has powerful throws, horizontal and vertical attacks, and his attack speed is fast. He is VERY unpredictable, and if youre playing against an experienced player, then you will learn to hate Voldo for how annoying he can become. For example, if voldo is used correctly, you may never get to hit him, and it is very easy to do this with Voldo because most of his moves are fast execution, which is a good thing because, for example, if you attack an enemy with a fast execution move and your opponent guards it, you will be able to recover quickly and guard the attack he throws back at you.

Most people don't pick Voldo as a character if they are fairly new because of how creepy he is. I mean seriously, he is one of the only characters to wear a thong (Ivy is the other) he is blind, he forgot his own name and speaks no words, only groans and hisses. His weirdness goes into his moves though too. One of his stances is called the Mantis Crawl, where he holds himself off of the ground, suspended by all four limbs and walks around like a spider. He can also attack backwards during his blind stance, which is extremely useful because you dont have to worry about being defenseless while you have your back to your enemy. Another note is that Voldo is one of two characters (Astaroth is the other) who can negate a back throw. Very useful.

Like I said, most people don't use Voldo because he is creepy and if your friend sees you use Voldo you will have to convince him that you're not gay. Of course, the simple way to do this is to kick the living hell out of your friend with Voldo.

New Player- Who are you gonna pick? I'm gonna be Siegfried because he is masculine and has a ridiculously large sword that can chop you in two like he was slicing butter.

Experienced Player- Oh Im gonna be Voldo

New Player- HAHHHAHAHAHA VOLDO???? he is such a gay character! he wears a freakn thong! im gonna kill you so easily and--

Video Game Voice----Voldo wins!

Experienced Player- A blind guy in a thong definitely knows his business....
by Captain Kiyomizu February 27, 2006
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Voldo is a character popularized by the soul blade/ soul calibur video game series. He uses two blades that are extensions of his hands sometimes called katars. He dominates pretty hard even though he looks really weird.
Oh no Voldo just gave me the elbow and i fell out of the ring and lost
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50 years and still confused
Guy 1: ill pick voldo..

guy 2: You mean that confused fuck?
by Dave_the_ripper January 17, 2009
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In Soul Calibur II, the king of cheap ring outs.
Stupid Voldo just rang me out AGAIN!
by A Alcott August 15, 2006
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