When a guy's blows a massive wad of cum from his penis
As Kiersten was sucking Chads balls A Volcanic Eruption occurred atop of her head ran down her back and into her butt crack!
by SlopNChop December 1, 2016
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Form of revenge for such acts as the Mexican Avalanche or Strawberry Milkshake when during a perfectly good bj the chick bites into your rod and you burst a bloody wad, much like lava from a volcano
Dude, Im achin from that volcanic eruption last night.
by The BIG Nasty December 20, 2004
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this is when your girl ties your penis with a rope and then starts to give you head or a handjob. when your about to come, tell her and then she'll take out a knife and cut off your penis at the rope. the mix of blood and cum shooting out will be like a volcanic eruption.
david had to go to the ER after his girl gave him a volcanic eruption. he lost a lot of blood, but he should be fine.
by scahn October 24, 2006
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An explosion of the rectum after eating too much food the night before.


After a holiday dinner at a relatives house and you eat something that doesn't agree with your system causing irritable bowel syndrome resulting in burning or the rectum and violent ass eruptions associated with bubbling gas in the stomach nicked named "bubblin' brown sugar".
Man dem greens, macaroni and cheese hit the spot...boy! Rumble, rumble...poot, poot, fissssst. Ooooh!....Oooooooh!....Somebody help me please!...Where da bathroom at...pooot, pooot, fisssst. blurrrrrrt.....fisssst.

Ooooohwheee! got dem bad guts...what yo mamma put in dem greens man?! I gotta doodoo bad baby got a volcanic ass eruption comin' thru!
by lil dookie November 5, 2013
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When you pour diet coke inside a person's anus just befor anal sex. You then put Mentos tablets into a condom. Put that condom on your dick.
Insert dick into said filled anus. Fuck that ass until the condom breaks.
My partner allowed me to perform the erupting volcanal last night!
by 22thebenzok July 27, 2019
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