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A religious class of individuals devoted to the sacred art of putting n00bs in their place. A Vitoist must perform their given duty, by following the way of the Great Vito, and performing what ever neccesary to let any individual know that they are indeed, failing.
Kid: o hi guyz can i plz hev tokenz

Vitoist: Kid, please cease displaying your skills as the survivor of an abortion, and leave. Your failing offends me and my religion of Vitoism.
by PJ. September 07, 2008
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A religious practice worshiping the absolute legend that is Danny DeVito
Luke: Hey James, you wanna join Vitoism?...
James: Cmon Luke, you know i'm not religious
Luke: are you sure? We worship Danny DeVito.
by DingleDryfuss December 03, 2018
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