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An eastern European short girl, with blue sparkly eyes and a smile like fire. A brunette with a hair that shines golden in the sunlight. She makes boys crazy just by speaking Italian. Vitalina means life and she is the life itself. She is very confident and she doesn't care what people say about her because she knows how beautiful she is.

But sadly Vitalina has a very bad taste in boys.

She has two sexy friends which are the best. They are always here for her and they are here stars that brighten up her universe.
"This is so Vitalina"
by theonlyvivi June 10, 2018
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A lil bitch who thinks she's the shit and only hangs out with guys cause there's less drama

Also probally acting like a dick or an asshole cause that's all she eats
Girl 1: damn here comes with vitalina again

Girl2: does she not have any girl friends? What a slut probally gets her weed for free too
by Ayeeeyouknowweoutheretho June 30, 2017
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