dude last night i visited grandma. twice

older brother:when are you be visiting grandma, cuz if you don't do it soon i'm telling everyone ur a homo
by gurlhitter December 9, 2008
It is the code name for travelling a distance to engage in sexual intercourse.
You know i like Visiting Grandma like 2 or 3 times a week.
by jizz bro's September 2, 2011
Bob asked me to go visit grandma.
I said OH YES.
Let's just say, we are always going to visit grandma.(;
by taysayshey April 16, 2011
When one soaks their hand in icy cold water til it's wrinkled and pruny then pleasures themself with it.
My hand was all raw after that visit from grandma.
by Guilty7 October 6, 2017