Jonathan: how you doing?
Steven: good, how bout you?
Jonathan: visa versa
by Dknsn March 8, 2022
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Tongue-in-cheek description of a certain type of give-and-take "assistance contract", whereby either:
(1) Person A provides companionship/intimacy to Person B in exchange for his spending money on Person A (i.e., using with his **Visa** card), or
(2) Person A agrees to marry Person B --- or at least to provide Person B with one or more "services" of a similar nature as in Example 1 --- so that Person B will "pull strings" with the authorities to provide Person A with a green card or temporary citizenship (a "visa"), so that Person A will be able to legally reside in Person B's country for an extended period of time.
Financially-solvent dude: It seems like nearly all the cute chicks I've met expect me to go by the "I grant you what you desire, and visa versa" deal... why does romance seem to always have a string attached?!??
by QuacksO February 3, 2017
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A rap (white person rap)song by MC Lars describing the relationship between the UK and the US. Suprisingly catchy and good lyrics. Download it.
"Hey England... let's kick it.

Cops without guns and the NME.
Should I watch the BBC or should I watch the BBC?
Look at these crazy coins, is this Lord of the Rings?
Pounds and pence and Princes and Queens?
Flipside experience, well not really.
More familiar than Russia or Chile.
Up for cricket or squash, or the London zoo?
Look, you hate George Bush and we do too.
Fab music scene, though, UK bands are ace,
And you guys are the most polite of the human race.
Fish and chips, crumpets, bangers and mash,
Shakespeare, Donne, Sid Vicious and the Clash.
You love our movies, we kind of like yours.
We love the way you talk, "please help help us in these wars."
You stopped staying "fab," we stopped saying "groovy,"
Our Scotland is Canada; you saw the South Park movie."
by Visit biatches March 6, 2005
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Type of relationship in which the wife is with the husband just for his money and the comfortable lifestyle he gives her, though he isn't loyal and fucks other girls, the wife Prolly does the same by fucking the boys she wants.
It's known that Dana White has banged some of the ring girls. His wife is with him just cause he's rich, she's probably out banging other dudes too. Garbage women love garbage men and visa versa.
by Ciccio_Pasticcio March 5, 2019
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