A hug done through a computer or text involving the two little hugging icons on msn.

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO VIRTUALLY HUG: one person selects one of the emoticons on messenger that involves one little person with their arms spread. the other person selects the remaining one. now you can hug and share happiness virtually :)
The virtual hug was created by Jake Ou, Beatriz Warleta and Gerald.
girl wooo says: omggg thank you soo much
boy lol says: haha no problem
girl wooo says: VIRTUAL HUG
(and then they virtually hug)
by ilovegeraldthesnail wooo November 30, 2009
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Virtual Hug is a way to communicate affection, support and form of love toward an other person through internet when 2 persons are seperated because of the distance.
Ex : Chan does virtual hug to STAY as a sign of love.*

Chan leader of the group stray kids make it a trend again to do virtual hug to show his love for his fandom STAY.
by Pyme November 22, 2020
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-Hugging from a distance because you don't wanna move

-You hate hugs but your friends don't.

-The person is one smelly kid.
Stinker: Ahh! I'm not gonna see you for a whole weekend! HUG ME!
You: Uh..I'm not a huggy person..VIRTUAL HUG!
Stinker: YAYY! ^^


You: Thank fuck..U_U
by MOshi SHizumi December 22, 2008
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A peace offering for users of Twitch
I gave CherryTanker (follow him btw) a Virtual Hug
by NekoQueen87 September 20, 2020
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