When your girl wants a cigarette, and you offer it to her, as she opens her mouth to accept the cigarette, you slip your dick in.
After plowing my girl last night, she asked for a cigarette... so I hit her with that Virginia slim
by Kaleeb December 11, 2018
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A cigarette old women smoke bc their old crusty lungs can't handle any other brand
by Okkkkkay November 18, 2016
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When at a club, one buys a carton of Virginia Slims and proceeds to smoke the entire carton at the club. This is usually done by an Italian who has never smoked in his life.
Kevin: Hey man, I thought you didn't smoke

John: I don't. I just wanted to start a Virginia Slim Massacre tonight. I'm thinking about putting a 12 inch filter on it as well.

Kevin: You going for the Cruella Deville look??
by Grinnell March 31, 2008
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When a man/boy with a 12 inch cock decides to buy a whole carton of Virginia Slims at a gas station before going to the local club. At the club he decides to light up, even though he has no idea how to smoke.

His friends will wonder why the fuck he is trying to impress people and criticize him for the rest of his life.

The man/boy is often then compared to cruella devil especially if he uses a 12 inch filter.
Playa 1: Yo bro why u smokin I thought u didn't do that shit?
Man/boy: I only do sometimes, specifically when I have the opportunity to ligth up a virginia slim.
Playa 1: Ok man just checkin I didn't know, but more power to you. Virginia Slims are the shit.
Man/boy: Yea dude u have to experience the virginia slim massacre at some point in your life. So next week u and me will hit up the local club and experience it.
by Grinnell April 10, 2008
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A complimentary term referring to girlish good-looking skinny men who wear painted on jeans.
"Damn, look at the badonkadonk on that Virginia Slim!"
by BeSpanish September 8, 2020
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1. The act of popping anothers cherry solely with the pinky finger.
“Hey Suzy how did you lose your virginity?”
“My boyfriend gave me a virginia slim!”
“NO WAY! Me too!”
by Joebuddenaintnobadnboougie January 4, 2018
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