1. An ass that has not yet been taken by the penis, or strap on. 2. The sweet decadence of all that is good.
Virgin Ass here, ready to get some cock in muh ass.
by The nightman will get you January 18, 2012
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it is an insult. it does not neccesarily mean the person you are calling a virgin ass bitch is a virgin. it just means they are very lame, only talk about school and homework, have lame friends, dont live life the way it was supposed to be lived. ugh.
acronym: v.a.b
*over hear conversation*: "and it dropped my grade from a 97 to a 95 and I'm really upset I have to get my grade back up."
Mila: Omg, shut the fuck up
Lily: She's such a v.a.b
Arielle: Ha, virgin ass bitch group holla
by kittenbepis June 13, 2013
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One who has virginity of the ass. Not been desecrated with a penis or object in the ass.
No Gary, I'm not ashamed to be an ass virgin.
by j/Gary Dighton March 12, 2003
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It means that you have not had anal sex yet
Yo bro!! I just popped my ass virgin cherry
by Black fire magic November 13, 2018
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ayo is that ME?
Guy: please have sex with me

Girl: no you stupid sad ass virgin

Guy: okay jesus christ you asshole
by Fyondike January 26, 2022
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