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Vilho is finnish boy who is very loyal. He is an A student in school. He will most likely melt your heart with his cuteness.
Vilho is a boy who is very good student but hates school
by imtheembarrassedchild July 13, 2017
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Finnish dickhole who almost everyone loves but he wants them to hate him. Dumb motherfucker who doesnt give a shit about anyone. Deserves nothing better than to suffer. Even death is too lame of a punishment. No one should love Vilho. Highly dangerous to himself. If you love him youre either a risky madafaka or youre just dumb. If you find him attractive I dont know what the fuck happened to you in your childhood. Something just caused you to be attracted to a piece of absolute shit.
Dont be like Vilho. We love him but but he hates us. Its so annoying.
by ImNotSureIfItsHim September 12, 2018
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