The first word that comes to mind when one's sentence is interrupted by a lightning bolt belch.
The belch and it's contents effectively pierced my left earlobe and was well, vile.
by Leon Sibson October 14, 2008
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100 hits of LSD acid in liquid form. Also refered to as a bottle.
Hey man! You should pick up a vile from that acid dealer down on pearl street for the weekend. I hear its real strong, and i wanna trip real hard!
by Zander12321 August 19, 2007
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adj. doing disgusting, evil, baleful things.
Atheists are vile, and they get away with profanities on the internet.
by badmouth June 02, 2018
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You should not be allowed to place on line such vile comments
Some of your entries regarding peoples names are vile
by Entwistle February 04, 2018
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