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1. An easily triggered person, even without the intent of offending them. This is either a person with unresolved mental baggage from previous offenses or a person, who is spoiled/unaware to the point of expectation of special treatment in form of courtesy and spending your time/resources on them in excess of basic decency.
2. Projecting oneself onto one's perceptions and interpretations of already fairly vague (and subject to interpretation) historic generalizations or statistics, especially when one has close to none personal involvement in them, and then using it to justify own specific actions. For example: "women have been sexually objectified" therefore I have a right to slap men's butts as they've been "loaning this right" for millennia.
3. Similar to 2. but a lot more cherry picking and ignorant to one's position/not self-aware. For example when a relatively safe and wealthy first world country person - anywhere from the lower middle class or higher - is complaining about being an oppressed minority, while not really being either a minority nor abused nor as 'systematically and unfairly limited' as they claim to be, in fact, it's likely to be, in some ways, the opposite and they're just an overly egotistical individual.
4. The term could also be used to ridicule - by abusers for the sake of promoting normalization of their former abuses and ignorant normies - their ignorance of witnessing abuse.
hugh mungus what? - you have victim mentality
by veinsofgold April 16, 2021
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Literally the WORST quality to a human being ever. Bar fucking none. We might as well officially declare it the 8th deadly sin.

It's very common among those who are incapable of taking a harmless little joke and take every single thing so goddamn personally; the biggest red flag is how they'd always accuse someone of "bullying" them then get all defensive when they predictably get told otherwise, refusing to admit they're wrong and work on growing a thick skin and learning to control themselves.
A: "They were bullying me yesterday"
B: "Bruh, they were only teasing. Drop your victim mentality and grow up."
by Someone32143214 September 26, 2021
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It is a way to make you sound smarter then if just you say bullshit.
1. (Bob) I had to bike 1000 miles and I nearly died. ( Percy ) That is victim mentality bullshit.
2. (Bush) They are making weapons of mass destruction. ( Percy ) That is victim mentality bullshit.
by werks4 August 6, 2010
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