dumb, easy, good pussy, but bad head, slutty foul-mouthed, a lush, boring outside of the bedroom fat
veronicabitchveronica,cunveronicat,uglyveronica,put a bag on her head if your going toveronica fuck,veronicawhoreveronica,cow
by rastaferl December 30, 2011
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Veronica is very nice and funny. She tries very hard to please others, and without realizing it- she isn't a very present friend, and she often tries to follow what is popular, over what she thinks is right. She is very insecure, and is not independent. She is very hypocritical, too. She does try to keep a good relationship with her friends, but is usually a simp, letting boys et in the way of her friendship. She is very kind and fun, and she is very sweet.
by mgreene98 November 19, 2020
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girl with violet eyes who loves cheetah print. rarely gets through a day without getting her nipples twisted by someone
professor: veronica, here's your partner, iliana
roopa: damn, everyone just has to twist my nipples
by The-real-cobra-queen September 05, 2019
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The character from the 1989 Heather's movie and 2014 musical Heathers : the musical
by Theatre_kid.04 April 23, 2019
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Veronica Merrell twin sister of Vanessa Merrell is a beautiful young women who enjoys life as it is and has an amazing journey with Vanessa making YouTube videos and having a great time with her. If you ever meet Veronica or become/are her friend DO NOT lose her. She is someone who should be cherished and respected.
Veronica Merrell is beautiful.
by merrelltwinner06 February 14, 2019
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Shes the badass icy bitch, the "eronica" in Beronica. Rich af!!! ($$$$$)
Someone: *breathe*
Ronnie: My dad, Hiram Lodge, paid you to do that right???
Veronica Lodge is daddddy!
by thecwriverdaleofficial August 14, 2018
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One of the greatest shows ever created.

Features the PI Veronica Mars, played by the talented Kristen Bell, taking on a new mystery in each episode, all leading up to solve the overall arc of the season.
Did you catch Veronica Mars last night? I wonder who killed Lilly Kane!
by Cranberries are yum May 08, 2006
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