The word vegetarian spelt wrongly.
Someone who does not eat meat (dead animals) -which includes chicken and fish (plus all other seafood).

Some people lie and claim to be vegetarians when they eat fish, but they are pescitarians.

Not to be confused with vegan which is somebody that doesn't eat any animal products at all (meat or dairy).

Vegetarianism is a personal choice. Most vegetarians, and vegans, respect everyone else's life choices. The ones who do not respect other people or are violent/aggressive towards people are not showing the true meaning of vegetarianism - it is a compassionate way of life.
"Would you like a hamburger?"
"No thanks, I'm vegitarian." (spelt vegetarian but had to spell it like that so Urban Dictionary would accept it.)

"Why are you vegetarian?"
"Because of the health benefits and because I do not want others to suffer just for my food."

"You must secretly eat meat, you vegetarian, or you'd be dead."
"If you ate nothing but meat, you'd die."
by nizdolls August 29, 2006
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A canibal who only eats quadrapaligic people in wheel chairs.(quadrapaligic people are commonly known as vegitables.)
Where do the vegitarians put the wheel chairs after they're done?
by Draven bane May 3, 2009
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A person who enjoys tossed salad. Often used in reference to homosexual males. See faggot.
Quit bein' a vegitarian!
by Brenden April 7, 2005
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A person who decides to be abnormal and rebel against meat or Florida Oranges.
by Max Gotcha March 7, 2006
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Someone that does not eat meat, use leather, eat eggs, etc.
A vegitarian feels bad for the killing of animals and usage of animal products so does not take part in the usage or consumption of either.
-Unidentified sci-fi offerer "Would you like some meat?"

-Unidentified sci-fi reciever "NO!!!, I'm a vegitarian!
by None March 5, 2005
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Someone who thinks that by eating only vegetables they are saving lives of living organisms. But what they dont realize is that plants ARE living organisms and by killing plants they are in fact killing lving organisms. Duh.
Me: you want some bacon?

Them: uhgh NO im vegitarian! i dont kill other organisms for my benefit!

Me: you dumbass us humans are HETEROTROPHIC which means that for us to live other organisms must die, whether they're plants or animals. god read a fucking biology textbook.
by mercutio000000000000 March 22, 2010
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A person who does not eat Meat- and does not wear leather. Some vegetarians eat fish.
People commonly confuse VEGETARIANS with VEGANS. vegans do not eat any animal products (milk, eggs, fish, etc.), and do not wear animal products.
person 1:"oh look at me im a vegitarian"
person 2: "ya? well im a vegEtarian, learn how to spell dude"!
by _Sam_ May 27, 2005
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