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A person who does not eat Meat- and does not wear leather. Some vegetarians eat fish.
People commonly confuse VEGETARIANS with VEGANS. vegans do not eat any animal products (milk, eggs, fish, etc.), and do not wear animal products.
person 1:"oh look at me im a vegitarian"
person 2: "ya? well im a vegEtarian, learn how to spell dude"!
by _Sam_ May 27, 2005
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The time in a woman's life when menstrual periods permanently stop
uh...? your grandma is totally menopausal.
by _Sam_ June 9, 2005
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To feel immoderate desire for that which is another's.
Did you covet your neighbor's bf?
by _Sam_ June 9, 2005
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1.an exasperated feeling of annoyance
2.unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment
she couldn't think of a sentence for aggravation :D
by _Sam_ June 7, 2005
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