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The sheer joy that is the result of partaking in all the debauchery that is Las Vegas.
Susan had a vegasm after winning 10K at the craps table.
by soo-zee April 14, 2011
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The sexual climax achieved by integration of vegetables into masturbation or other consensual sexual activity.
Diane stood in the produce aisle contemplating how her next vegasm would arrive: cucumber, carrot, or eggplant?
by Hobo2 October 25, 2007
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1. the reaction of a vegan to a plate of good food, usually causing the inevitable photographing of the food for looking over later.

2. what inevitably happens when two vegans that love each other very much...
jody has been a vegan for three years now and last week they dated their first other vegan. now they say they really know what all the fuss about vegasm is.
by guy nander December 17, 2010
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