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Vated is a term used directly with the alcoholic beverage, Elevate. It rivals terms such as loose, wrecked and blitzed. If you're Vated, you're not just drunk, you're VATED
Kid 1: Hey sweet dudes, are we getting messy tonight?

Kid 2: Is that a real question? I'm getin' Vated
by speedybanana69 September 03, 2009
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slang; short for elevated. Used to express liking or admiration of something, or express a heightened feeling of self (ie: being happy, feeling stoned, or feeling accomplished)
Dude 1: Did you try Marcus' new bud yet?
Dude 2: Yes I smoked some yesterday was vated af.
by Skoobiee Doood December 16, 2017
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