A mentally challenged individual, as in a fucking retarded person

Originating in St. Martinville, LA for the students that get detention and have to sit in the special ed classes.
Daniel: Look at that freaking retard.

Curtis: Wow!! That guy is a fucking VAP!!
by Mister Kicka August 4, 2009
Term brought to life in game Lords mobile. It's used to describe action of leaving the guild during Guild Fest event, while having active quest, therefore losing failing that quest and losing the attempt.
Omg he just did a Vap. we are definitely getting relegated.

Hahahahah can't believe he did a Vap two times in one day, and on the same quest..
by Jinximus Maximus April 13, 2021
Vagina Gap (Vap). Is the gap between a girl's legs, particularly girls with skinny legs, most noticeable when wearing tight shorts/leggings, making the vagina semi-visible. A vap will not be seen on girls who have overly thick thighs.
Damn... that girl has such a big vap I can see her camel toe perfectly.
by Bird and Kax July 6, 2011
leaving wherever your at, leaving a party, event, social gathering. Like you are "evaporating"
Yo guys I gotta Vap!
by Deviator444 February 2, 2010
A trini (of the country Trinidad and Tobago) slang term which means making an impulse decision, sudden desire to do something or doing something impromptu. Usually used in adverb form.
We caught a vaps and went to see the movie.
by R45 February 20, 2006
Vapping is the art of female masterbation, similar to fapping, but for females.
It involes the stroking of the female genitalia, the stimulation of the clitoris, etc.
"I walked in on my girlfriend who was vapping to a nude picture of a Jonas Brother"
by Earwing November 8, 2008
The Term coined for the act of a women fapping.

Its is a combination of the words vagina and fapping, which is how it recieved the name vapping.
I just got done vapping, it was very nice.
by Stevosmusic May 5, 2011