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Beautiful, one of a kind girl that will make you fall in love with her. She has big brown eyes that sparkle like a diamond she has a one of a kind beautiful smile that no one will resist. Her laugh is the most Beautiful sound you ever heard. Vanya is a very enthusiastic about everything that's what makes her a one of a kind girl. She's a real goof ball. Whenever you talk to her you will never get annoyed by her. If your her girlfriend never let her go. She's a sweet girl and very confident about her self. She's sometimes feisty. She's weird that's what makes her unique. She's a gracious girl, she always has a smile on her face.
Guy1: I went out with that vanya girl

Guy2: yea I wish she were mine
by 101girl May 01, 2017
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beautiful, kind and gracious girl always found having a great time. she is her own person. very passionate. great kisser. better friend. just an all around awesome human being. she seems shy and gulliable but if messed with can totally kick your ass so bad you're gonna wish you never had one. confident. someone any man would hope for.
just got your ass kicked by a Vanya
Vanya is your soulmate
Vanya is a man's dream
by paulstan February 19, 2011
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vanya is the best person ever shes amazing in evrey single way i love her so much her laugh, her smile, her hair, her voice, shes just perfect shes my bestfriend she weird but its awsome and her peesonality is the best shes beautiful in evrey single way i love you so much VABI hope you will see that some day. ❤❤❤
i love yoy so much vanya (VABI)

love Bestfriend (CHU)
by CHU YOUR BESTFRIED November 14, 2017
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A beautiful, outgoing, confident, crazy, gracious girl who always has the most beautiful smile on. She has big brown eyes that sparkle during the day and night. She is fun to hang around with, she is a real goofball that likes to play around. She is weird but thats why her friends like about her. She has a really cute laugh and makes the boys go crazy for her because she has something that the boys like about her. She maybe a short but not to short just like above your shoulder, it fits her good. And she makes everyone laugh.
Guy 1: damn I can't get enough about Vanya. Guy 2: I know right she's just perfect.
by Girlcode123 October 26, 2017
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