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A unique word with many meanings. It means "Gate" or "Valve" in French, "Awesome" in Filipino, "Water" in Norwegian, and "Band" or "Hoop" in Finnish. The word "Vanne" can also be used as a name for any boy or girl, people with this name are often optimists.
La vanne a éclaté aujourd'hui.
Min søster og jeg kommer til å vanne plantene utenfor.
Saanko lainata että vanne omasi?
by I'm Dad January 02, 2014
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1. Is God in the flesh on Earth

2. Sent to rule over the inferior human race
3. Possesses a mastery of almost any skill
4. Has no chill
5. Bangs hot bitches for breakfast
Thank Vanne! I was almost in a wreck, but Vanne blessed me with life. Here, take my wife and daughter as offerings of my thankfulness. Praise Vanne!
by whoopassmcgee January 18, 2017
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