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A beautiful goddess with the voice of angels.

When you meet a "VANI" be very grateful as she is usually a very caring and loving person she will stick with you through thick and thin.
Random: hi vani i am having really bad problems at home
Vani: its alright im here just talk to me

Vani singing:

' Oh Happy Days...'
by haeyhaey123 September 08, 2009
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one who seeks drama and a great amount of attention from others. She thinks she's the center of the universe. self involved to the max. if you meet one, run for your life. seriously.
person 1: hey
person 2: hi
vani: ugh.
person 1: what?
vani: i'm too cool for you
person 2: huh?
vani: pay attention to me.
persons 1 and 2: uhh...
vani: i hate you. we have to break up.
persons 1 and 2: ...
vani: i'm never speaking to you again.
by Chandy November 25, 2005
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Vagina and penis formed into ONE word. Described for a Bisexual man or women most of the time.
Stephanie is so Vanis.
Lukis you must be Vanis.
by xidrgafx June 24, 2008
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That one black but white friend that draws porn in class.
by 484890 February 01, 2017
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