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When a short Asian girl that acts like a blond, bites you and you begin having strange symptoms that may include.....Questioning your sexual orientation, making out with your hand, checking yourself out every five minutes, asking simple minded questions, develops sudden narcolepsy, talks about to much random things, starts to lose or have no common sense, saying "Huh" to everything, feeling lost and starts to bite other people.
Dude1: Omg dude do you see that guy he's so cute...wait what am I saying I'm not gay...or am I? *Looks at a mirror* OH DANM IM HOT!
Dude2: Are you okay bro?
Dude1: I'm not to sure...Hey what's my phone number...OMG I JUST REMEMBERED!
Dude2: Ummm...What?
Dude1: I have...wait i forgot...*Falls asleep*
Dude2: Yup he has Vanessitis...I told him to stay way from the Asians girls *SMH
by Hidaka_Yuki December 10, 2011
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Rare cardiological disease which consists in increased blood pumping inside the Superior Vena Cava and Aorta which results in increased heart activity due to the enourmous amount of love the patient has for Vanessa Nuevo. Some symptomps are increased heart beat and L.O.V.E (lots of various emotions) and B.O.V (because of Vanesa).
Vanessitis is my disease <3
by Rec5000 October 31, 2011
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