He is THE MOST beautiful creature ever.
D is so beautiful, that if you took all the words having to do with beauty in every single language in the universe and put them all together, you wouldn't even come CLOSE to describing him.
He makes men explode in their pants and women swoon at the mention of his name.
They would have sexy dhamphir babies in his honor.
"Ever heard of Vampire Hunter D?"
by AwesomeJellyBean August 30, 2012
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By Hideuki Kikuchi. An anime starring D, a dhampire/dhampile who hunts vampires for a living. Apparantly his left hand can talk.

D originated where that Kikuchi wanted to write a horror story based off folklore and Western movies, with a character suffering from the duality of good and evil. His first mental image of him was inspired by the gunfighter video of Phil Collins.
D: ...

Dan: You don't talk much, do you sir?
by Anonymous December 22, 2004
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Vampire Hunter D is the all time best anime based on the novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The impressive detailed artwork is done by Final Fantasy's Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. There are Vampire Hunter D novels, manga, and 2 animated movies as well. The characters, music, and storyline in both movies are very impressive in the way that they are done.

D is a mysterious "dhampir" (half human/half vampire) who's father is actually hinted to be Dracula. Because of being a half breed, D walks in the daytime and posesses dominating supernatural skills only shown by the strongest of vampires. D travels the world and hunts down vampires in a much more impressive way than other vampire hunters such as Blade or Buffy the vampire slayer. D's weapon of choice is a slim longsword which is shown to cut through pretty much everything and anything.
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
by VioH September 7, 2008
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