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Valyn's are strong independent women/girls, they love to have fun be goofy, but when it's time to be serious she will.Don't get on her nerves because she will seem like she will hate you but your just on her nerves.Valyn's are shy but when you get to know her she is alot of fun you cant live without her bieng your friend, she is also really goofy, her laugh usually sounds unatural, but she doesn't care what others think of her as long she is beautiful in her eyes, some days she just deosn't care.She is crazy & if she doesn't like she will tell you.She is very romantic when she see's someone that wants her but if you don't approach then don't think she likes.if you see one make sure she will be your friend cuse she will never let you down she is always there for her friends.
You know Valyn

Yep she is the greatest friend on the world even if your in a bad mood or good one
by Chickapompom February 18, 2018
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