When vagina lips are so big/fat that they are classed as balls ... Vagina + Balls = Valls
'Heyy you're lips are huge !'! ... 'Oh no man, they're my valls!!'
by SummerLouisaa September 04, 2011
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The name of a man who is invincible. A person who is so amazing, people stop just to get a glimpse of his amazing features. Multiple women have wanted his babies. People say he is a God. Other people say he dropped from the heavens to spread his amazement throughout the globe and a few people think he is even better then Chuck Norris.
I just saw a glimpse of Valle!
by Scrubber92 June 19, 2010
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take the word fight out of a sentence and replace it with vallely
I want to vallely you for making fun of skaters.
by e-riccc June 15, 2007
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in the act of val. such as annoying, aggravating, hugging and attacking people. comes from the legend val.

"she valled me the other day."
"i was valling him the other day."
by Darla Anne January 16, 2008
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An amazing, beautiful girl. She will go out of her way just to make your life better. She will randomly buy you gifts just because she loves you. If you ever meet a Valle cherish her forever.
Guy 1: Wow, I met this perfect girl today. Her name is Valle.

Guy 2: dang, you better keep her forever.
by birdie004 November 12, 2019
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To be a snob or prick to everyone,
Aggressively distant.
Why do you act like you’re the only one in this world?
What a valle jerk you are.
by Dakota Juan Carlos June 03, 2008
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A pathological liar that suffers from sudden spurts of euphoria and thinks its happening in real life...Often fabricates their life to look cool... And Habitually lies to make themselves feel better and starts to live their own lies

heyy bro i just met the prince of persia
response: dude shut the f*&^ up your being such a valle
by jack meofftimesten April 19, 2009
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