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To explain a topic to a male, that has no chance of being understood by any man at any time.
Karen was vagsplaining her feelings to Mark. He is however incapable of understanding even the most basic tenet of her current emotional state, which results in more vagsplaining.
by Joedaddy 755 March 16, 2019
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1. When a woman tries obnoxiously hard to show she knows more about something than the man/men she is in a conversation with.

2. When a woman tries to explain how a regular conversation with a man is actually an argument about feminism, gender equality, or sexism.
β€œAll I said was guys tend to like working on cars more than girls and she went crazy trying to vagsplain how girls can know just as much as guys, are better drivers and I'm chauvinist for making such a statement”
by StupidStupidSmartAss October 26, 2016
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