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A person that is homeless and possibly jobless that aimlessly wanders around in the night (or day) like a drifter either by foot or via a car they don't own. If wandering via a car, they tend to drive recklessly early in the morning and blasting loud music as they obviously don't care about their speakers.; furthermore, they park wherever their car won't get towed as it could be in the driveway of a foreclosed home or at a Walmart parking lot overnight. Some people may enable them by providing them shelter, but it's hard for them to adjust to civilian life.
Somebody broke into my friend's house late in the night as my friend was away on vacation, but camera footage showed she/he only ate some food and slept a few hours before leaving at 5am. It's probably a vagrant and not a thief as this person had no intention of stealing goods.
by Manlyboobs May 25, 2020
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Vagrant - A person with no real purpose, homeless, unemployed, vague, drifter.


Vagrant can be used to describe the scattered, strung out period after being on drugs
I feel like a vagrant.

I was so fried, i was just wondering around like a vagrant.
by February 27, 2012
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A person that Exessive drinks, mooches, overstays there welcome, does not contribute, and sleeps too much
a person would not need more than one of these qualitys to be considered a Vagrant
My roomate is a Vagrant he sleeps all day and does not contribute
by Gopalji September 06, 2005
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The other definitions are a piece of shit. The definition of vagrant is a trampy hobo, trust me i use that word all the time i got it out of my vocab book
I saw a vagrant wandering in to city hall.

Your being just as anooying as a vagrant!

I saw you digging through the trash yesterday, what are you a vagrant?

Hay you know that girl that kinda has a mustache? yeah, why? Shes wearing a really short skirt today. Soooo? It kinda makes her look like a Vagrant.
by Up the hole in your ass April 01, 2010
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An wild individual who makes their own path in life, goes on spontaneous adventures, explores the world and/or follows whatever passions they may have, regardless of how crazy or overly ambitious those passions may be.
Person 1 - "Hey, I think I'm going to move to Africa and become a Safari Guide"
Person 2 - "Wow, you are such a vagrant!"
by Madaraka March 02, 2019
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