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(n.)-(Va-jewp))The combination of the words vagina and poop culminating in a disgusting mixture in which vaginal fluids mate with human fecal matter.
(adj.)-Vagoopy (Va-jew-pee)- A word describing a vagoop-like consistency, much like the consistency of a viscous mudslide poorly mixed with vinegar and oil. It has the stench of death.
See also: Shit Stain, Anal Leakage, Blumpkin
The crab cakes were very vagoopy today. I couldn't even eat them.

Dude, that skunt's shit was quite vagoopy.

Who invited Steve, he is such a vagoop.

Her vag was so vagoopy, it stank like a rotting fetus.
by Hunter and Benjie March 12, 2008
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(n.) Vaginal efflux

Females have been known to smear vagoop upon the faces of their partners to denote 'ownership'. This is possibly hot.

Potentially hazardous material.
Katie - "Sara, you shouldn't date Steven"
Sara - "Eh? Why not? He's really nice and pays me so much attention. Is this because you still like him"
Katie - "It's more that I found out he'd been collecting my vagoop in old yoghurt pots"

Guy 1 - "Man, I was going down on Stacey last night and in the excitement she queefed and spackled me with her vagoop."
Guy 2 - "Nice."
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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