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A Vagina Gremlin is the little creature that inhabits a women's vagina. The Vagina Gremlin often steals condoms off the woman's unsuspecting partner to use as a sleeping bag. This can result in accidental pregnancy. The only way to obtain the stolen condom is for the woman, or man, to reach in with middle and forefinger and "tickle" the Gremlin until it relinquishes the stolen prophylactic. A woman's period is also caused by the Vagina Gremlin. When the Vagina Gremlin is tired, which is about once a month, he will take a pickaxe and cause the vagina to bleed. The woman, wishing to stop the bleeding, will place a soft, cottony tampon in place which serves as the Vagina Gremlins pillow. It is unknown exactly how many women have a Vagina Gremlin, or how they came into existence.
"I tried to have sex with Andrea last night but her Vagina Gremlin kept taking my condom off."
by Nathanus Maximus February 18, 2012
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The meaning in which you encounter a females genitalia and see something that should not be there, i.e. lint, tampon, cobwebs, a smurf, perhaps a strong odor, or a used condom. Not limited to std's.
Hey man i was with this girl last night and we were like eatin' face and shit so i ripped her draws off and was like "oh shit...... Vagina Gremlin."
by eyetaleyewwhut March 25, 2012
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