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An building commonly a residential dwelling containing predominantly female occupants.
This vag pad is rockin' there are smokin' girls everywhere!
by Miss Nic August 18, 2010
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Also known as front butt, Mount Vaiginuvius, Over the hill it's off to Grandma's house, and too much cushion for the pushin'. That annoying bulge that middle age women get when they wear their jeans too high and it makes them look like they are packing major heat.
Your third grade english teacher wearing jeans from the 80's. Anyone in the supermarket between the hours of 10 and 11:30am. Your mom's best friend. Your mom. Anyone involved with chuch charity events. Example: Mrs. Smith has such a big vag pad that by staring at her waist I couldn't decipher from which side fecal matter was purged.
by John Son March 07, 2007
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