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A funhearted game. This game includes a bunch of females running around punching each other in the vag to see who gets an orgasm first. It is similar to the childrens game, tag.
" I won a game of vag tag yesterday THREE TIMES!"
by Chelsea Reinisch August 22, 2008
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When lesbians (can be more than two) bang pussies together while yelling "tag, you're it!"
Jenny and Tracy played VagTag every friday in the girls locker room at lunch time.
by creamykenn December 30, 2012
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The female version of T-bagging
A woman bobbing up and down over a persons body, usually above the face.
Most commonly seen/used in video games.
While I was playing Halo: Reach, that chick totally pwned me with the sword then Vag-taged my dead body!
by okxxxdisko, katedancing January 25, 2011
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Female version of tea-bag. When a girl is playing video games and gets tea bagged, she can retaliate by vag tagging.
John: Man I just got killed by a girl!
Mark: Dude, is she tea bagging you?
John: Nah man its a chick, she's vag tagging me!
by SaucyNuttBugget August 12, 2011
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It's like a Sack-tap but it on a female it's when you slap or punch them in the vagina
Bobby just vagtaged me and it sucked soooo hard.
by br00talsamitch November 20, 2009
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A vag-tag is a tattoo on woman's vagina. It is most commonly found on cheap porn stars, dumb models (therefore all models), and sad old clown hookers.
Man 1: I was about to totally wreck this cougar, but then I saw it.
Man 2: Saw what?
by Kellyrippa June 09, 2011
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