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adj. a BAMF that is also a father figure. Derived from the word "buff"
proper noun. If a person is extremely vaff, they can be called by the name Vaff by their children
Billy: "My dad is a really pussy."
Rob: "It's not so bad, you dad just got the shit beat out of him by my dad. But, my dad is a bad ass mother fucker."
Billy: "I wish my dad was Vaff like yours."
Rob: "Hey, Vaff. You rock."
Vaff: "So do you, son... So do you."
by Vaff April 05, 2013
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Hairy lady parts above the age of 65, but still sexually active on a frequent basis.
"My god I can't believe my gran's still using her vaff" - Prince Harry
by Shitsenders October 25, 2011
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