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"Vacationer" is a special version of the Australian Holden Commodore vehicle. The equipment level of a Vacationer was identical to the base model executive model with features such as air conditioning and power steering included as standard. The optional extras were listed as: power antenna, tow pack and rear window louvre.
However, Vacationer buyers whom opted not to pay for these optional extras paid a premium of $5,000 for a base model executive with "special Vacationer decals". This ultimately meant that Vacationer owners paid $5,000 for the addition of three stickers and light blue pin striping to their vehicles. Subsequently, many owners were frustrated with resale values and went to great lengths to position their cars as "limited edition" - whereas astute buyers would point out that the Vacationer is tarted up executive purchased by schmucks too poor to afford the mid range "Berlina" model.
Is your Holden Commdore a base model version?

- No, its a Limited Edition Vacationer.

So you drive an Executive with five grand sticker pack?
by Gee Dawg January 22, 2007
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