An abbreviation for Vertical Take-Off and Landing, describing a fixed wing aircraft that can lift off vertically.
The F-35 has VTOL capabilities.
by NOVAnonstop July 28, 2006
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The over excessive use of a VTOL (Vertical Take Off/Landing Vehicle) in a round of Crysis Multiplayer. It can become extremely annoy as one person dominates with the ease of aerial advantage. This is an extreme fail.
Retard Guy: YES! I'm gonna VTOL Spam you again! HAHAHA!


Admin: Dont worry guys. He is gonna get kicked.

Rest of Players: Yes!

Retard Guy:.............
by wlkrlegs176 June 24, 2011
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your team is fucked, if your team managed to get the vtol down, your team is less fucked
by ádfghjk July 11, 2021
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