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Vagi-Rectal Induced Perfusion; the act of oral sex upon a women which elicits a flood-like anal discharge response, sometime mistaken for a gush of orgasm; actually a thin mucoid rectal secretion: shart
Kurt thought he was a master at eating pussy, due to the puddle on his chin...but Connie had just let one vrip.
by MrDingle July 10, 2008
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The V-rip is but one of the many ways to destroy a piece of paper. You perform the V-rip by placing a piece paper on a flat, hard surface and then stand on it with both feet touching together. You then swivel your feet apart from eachother at the heel, forming a "V" and thus a rip in the paper.
Dude I cheated on the S.A.T. and they fookin V-ripped my shit
by ItchyTasty April 24, 2006
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Trump is your typical VRIP; with enough money and influence to buy out any ongoing business concern.
by Tlim August 13, 2017
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