VR Kids are an online group consisting of chubby 13-14 year olds, who's entire personality revolves around their ownership of a VR headset.

Their username on every social media platform will typically take the form of *Noun*OnVR or just *Noun*VR, and their avatars are usually Gorilla Tag skins with VR headsets poorly edited onto the face, because their creativity reaches as far as their stubby little arms in a game of Gorilla Tag.

That being said, VR Kids almost always reside exclusively in the game Gorilla Tag. As it acts as a free virtual playground where they can shout the same 3 "monke" jokes stolen from a Joshdub video and every bigoted pejorative in the book without getting banned; all while wheezing and mouthbreathing into their Quest 2s microphone. However, VR kids can be spotted in other games, often ruining the fun for others by cheating or teaming with enemies, or just showing poor sportsmanship in a competitive environment.

It is recommended to avoid this specimen at all costs by playing single player or heavily moderated experiences such as VRChat.
PotatoInVR: Pls check out my new Gorilla Tag video

Me: dumbass VR Kid get outta here

Someone else: Go break another controller, then another scale!

PotatoInVR: (muted for self advertisement)
by massivesket287 July 13, 2022
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The 7 year old who flexes his Vale index and 5k pc (in total 6k) in a mother Fing monke game
Spoilt vr kids are gay balls
by chazvr April 25, 2022
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