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Verb: (to vomp) A cyclical act with four distinct stages:

1. Active experimentation

2. Experience

3. Reflection

4. Abstinence

No one knows what VOMP actually stands for, although it is rumored that the M stands for moccasin.
Girl: Me and Omap vomped so hard last night.

Other girl: No way! Was it good?

Guy: Let's go in a circle and all tell about our first vomping experience

Group: .....
by OLCAA<3 April 15, 2013
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Something or someone that is uncool or tacky.

A person who is oblivious of what is considered cool.

Etymology: The term derives from the acronym V.O.M.P., meaning "Vermin-Offing Meat Prostitute."
"Man, this music is sooooo vomp, turn this shit off already!"

Also in use internationally.

German: "Mann, diese Musik ist so vomp! Schalte den Scheiss gefaelligst ab!"

French: "Oh la vache, cette musique est tellement vomp, eteins-la putain!"

Spanish: "Eh carnal, esta musica esta vomp! Ya quitala!"
by Vompsplat December 31, 2009
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A vest of many pockets. As worn by photographers, old guys named Robert, and CIA wannabes on safari.
Lydia: Starbucks doesn't carry Stevia, so I can't go there.

Robert: Not to worry, I have some in my VOMP.
by Ndugu Montoya October 15, 2013
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