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Very Bizarre Night; an unexpected evening of weirdness usually involving large quantities of various substances and unexpected, unwelcome, long-winded speeches by people you thought you knew but didn't.
I got together with some friends and, boy, it turned out to be a total VBN.
by whatanewbie August 17, 2007
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Vario Bosque Norte ~ wooldand,Ca

Biggest and most respected yet hated gang of norteno's in the 530 area. Currently on its third generation of Norteno youngsters, but split because of such actions. So now known as either west or east side VBN. This Street gang origionated in Woodland California of the Northere Califas area.

--The gang has a whistle that consists of seeu fuuu, seeu fuuu, seeu seeu seeu seeu fuuu.
--Their number is 14 because n is the fourteemth letter of the alphabet thus the roman numerals xiv.
--the star with red on each right side of the point is the norther california satr which represents the North star.
--The four dots also have a meaning each dot is earned by living through such means. 1. if i am a follower lead me 2. if i am a leader follow me 3. if i am a traitor kill me. 4. and if the defeat me avenge me.

Vario=various (like various northerners)
Bosque=tree surrounded city(like citys of trees*woodlone*)
Norte= Norther*Orginized*Raza*Till*Eternity
so basicly it means (Various Bosque Northerners)
or northern occupants of a tree city.


VBN! scrappa!


(or in word form it's)

by Killa~SqueeKs27 February 01, 2011
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