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Nikcname for the state of California used by the hispanic community especially Southern California
I am from Southern Califas and proud of it!!!!!
by Califas Latina August 01, 2005
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Contraction of the Spanish. California Sur (Southern California) Used widely in the militant Chicano movement to designate the state of California or Southern California. Also commonly used in the street mainly by immigrant youth and Chicano residents throughout the state and beyond.
by Juan El Lokko October 02, 2003
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A trendy term for California, used predominantly by militant Latino (or Chicano) community.
Even though Spanish is almost the majority language spoken in Califas, we have no political power.
by david July 29, 2003
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It means King in Spanish... also spelt or known as Caliph and another way of spelling this is Khalifa but that is Arabic for muslim leader as politician or successor as power of authority and non-religous or or spiritual.
Caliph Ferdinand (King Ferdinand
Califa Fernando (King Fernando)
Khalifa Lapu-Lapu (King Lapu-Lapu)
Caliph de España (King of Hispania)
by Raha Navalta November 22, 2013
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The most awesome girl every. She the personality of a rainbow cuz she is a little of every thing cool, nice, smart, shy. The only thing u can't love about her is how hard it is to become her friend. She also is honest and would never cheat on or bench someone.
Califa is so fucking amazing I wish she wasn't so shy though
by Maxy_girl June 12, 2018
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