V&L is so yummy
by jude-e December 5, 2001
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A stuped idot who is a nerd and has a bad youtube channel
"Wow V-A-L-P is a really bad Youtuber"
by efwibefyv October 30, 2018
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Anela is a very beautiful girl and the best girlfriend, cousin, bestfriend, wife, friend, sister, mom, grandma… etc. she has long dark wavy hair but don't get confused because Anela loves to dye her hair different colors. Anela has big beautiful eyes and long eyelashes she likes to wear glasses but has good eyesight. Anela is a very playful person and loves to go out. Anela hate when they have to text first btw she loves it when someone texts her first, because it will inform her if you really have interest in her. If you do ever find yourself an Anela you wont have to worry about her finding interest in other guys because she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to multiple guys just incase things get serious with one. Anela is not a extrovert nor introvert but she loves to keep to herself and not get into any drama and if you do get to know an Anela she is funny, smart, pretty, and a great person overall. Never let go of an Anela especially if her star signs a Leo!
Person: hey, do you know Anela (last name probably with a V,M,T,L,R,S)
Other Person: No, but I think I’ve seen her around. I’ve never talked to her but she seems really cool and I want to get to know her.
Person: Yeah! Anela is pretty cool, just follow her on instagram.
Other Person: alright bet imma slide in her dms lol
by FAXONG222 July 17, 2022
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