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Uziel is boy name and an uncommon given name for males but a somewhat popular surname in Middle East (Hebrew)
"Angel of war,Uziel"
by Joshua1100 October 20, 2015
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A funny, foolish, not so bright guy. He may make fun of others but really on the inside he has a kind, caring heart for those he loves. He has a low self esteem...until he finds his one and only. If you ever befriend an Uziel just know that he'll always be there to make you laugh. And if your lucky enough to date him your days will be full of joy and happiness just make sure not to break his heart or else you'll lower his self esteem even more. He can get jeoulous but it's adorable and funny when he does. He also may have trust issues and if your lucky enough to be by his side and get to know him very well consider yourself a very special person to him.
Stranger: Wow Uziel is so rude and mean.
Uziel's Friend: Bro you haven't even met him!
Uziel's GF: Yeah! Don't judge a book by his cover! Leave him alone!
by 🐰Meaw 😸 April 08, 2017
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Ubersexy angel of war.

"Once an angel of God, now a warrior of mine - Angel of war - Uziel"
Uziel decided to start a war and send forth the unborn goats sworn to the 7 gates of hell to skin our babies and eat our flesh.
by Bee|zebou| July 31, 2004
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